Always connected, always secure

Acuragate is a dynamic secure gateway for Telecom operators. Its uniqueness lies in its capability to apply both custom and dynamic security policies consistently on any device and any network. With Acuragate “always connected” becomes “always secure”.

Acuragate allows Telecom Operators to create value added solutions for business and residential customers and at the same time it can help save on infrastructure investments.

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The benefits of Acuragate

Create value for business customers



By using Acuragate, Telecom Providers can offer value added services to organizations and businesses in the context of BYOD and work at home:

  • Provide business customers with a clean pipe across offices and private homes, mobile and fixed networks and across devices and operating systems. Acuragate provides a first layer of safety whether employees work in the office, at home or on the road.
  • Provice clean data on traffic level and on application level. E.g. employees could get access to their social networks, but not to games within their social networks.
  • Let the customer’s IT department monitor and control all the settings through a self-service portal.

Create value for residential customers



By using Acuragate, Telecom Providers can offer value added add-ons to residential subscribers:

  • Offer an effortless protection of the home network.
  • Relieve a subscriber of the responsibility to combat all possible security issues, such as viruses, malware, privacy threats, data theft, phishing, and piracy.
  • Give a parent peace of mind by knowing that all devices connected to the home network are protected and under parental control policies. This includes the teenager’s new smart phone and the tablet that their friends bring along. Or just any other PC, Mac, tablet or phone, regardless of the operating system.
  • Give a subscriber one single point to manage the settings for all devices through a self-service portal.
  • Offer the subscriber the possibility to buy an optional service on top of his fixed volume internet-connectivity that allows him to watch Netflix, Amazone Prime, Hulu or listen to streaming radio without bandwith limitation.

Save on infrastructure



By using Acuragate, Telecom Operators can save considerably on infrastructure:

  • Use the same dynamic security enforcement point for all customers wether connected via mobile, wifi or fixed line.
  • Remove unwanted traffic from your network right at the front door of your network
  • Notably optimize the bandwidth on your networks by prioritizing traffic that is guaranteed by SLAs.
  • Create smart subscriptions that selectively increase allowed bandwith for specific services only (netflix, audio,…)
  • This increased efficiency allows you to postpone infrastructure upgrades by months, saving you millions.

How does Acuragate Work

The Acuragate solution is set up between the current CMTS or GGSN/PG-W infrastructure and the internet.
It consists of:

  •  (1) a Security Enforcement Point based on Fortinet.  Because the Security Enforcement Point is compatible with CMTS, GGSN and P-GW it can enforce the same security policies independent of the device used.
  • (2) a Profile Integration Point that connects with the operator’s accounting network, its customer databases and its infrastructure. The Profile Integration Point takes into account real-time network information, user and device information, subscription information and self-managed settings. The integration of these different data sources allows for custom, dynamic and consistent security policies on any device and any network.

Acuragate is seamlessly integrated with the Operator’s existing infrastructure and it is tailored to the Operator’s needs. Acuragate was designed in a modular way to make sure that the full potential of the available data and infrastructure is used.


  • First layer of security on network level
  • Application-aware security on any device.
  • Consistent security policies independent of the connectivity used (xDSL, 3G,4G, …).
  • Dynamic security profiles based on ISP-specific subscriber profiles, load parameters, etc. Any data source can be used as input.
  • Ability to align policies with real-time network information via IPDR-interface.
  • Integrates seamless with existing accounting networks, GGSN and CMTS-infrastructure.
  • Underlying security measures provided by market-leader Fortinet